However the Babcocks music transcends any one genre of music and although their early work concentrated on the gospel field they also recorded a critically acclaimed western album called RIDIN' WEST, which included original songs by Cowboy Joe plus several cowboy classics.

Now the release of their acoustical album APPALACHIAN SONGBIRD, featuring the international hit, YOU WON'T TAKE NOTHIN' WITH YOU (WHEN YOU GO), written by Cowboy Joe, marks their entry into the bluegrass/traditional country field. ...We want to sing all kinds of music and touch people wherever they are,.. says Cowboy Joe, leader of the group. Now that this family group is getting international attention, this dream seems to be coming true for THE BABCOCKS.
Their friendly manner and energetic performances make them favorites at fairs, rodeos, festivals, churches and concerts all over the country.

Stay tuned for this talented group as THE BABCOCKS continue to sing their way into the hearts of people everywhere.
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