When Cowboy Joe Babcock of HEE HAW originally made the move to Nashville several years ago to sing with MARTY ROBBINS and the GLASER BROTHERS, little did he dream that a long road awaited him that would culminate in his singing with his own family, THE BABCOCKS.

That long road started with Cowboy Joe traveling with Marty, singing and recording the gunfighter songs, playing in Marty's band and writing songs for him.

However, after six years on the road, Joe co-founded the famed NASHVILLE EDITION, became a much sought after studio vocalist, and eventually sang on more than 10,000 recorded songs. These recordings included more than 140 top ten songs and many No. 1 hits such as KENTUCKY RAIN and SUSPICIOUS MINDS by ELVIS PRESLEY, ROSE GARDEN by LYNN ANDERSON, DELTA DAWN by TANYA TUCKER, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by CHARLIE RICH, IF WE MAKE IT THROUGH DECEMBER by MERLE HAGGARD, DEVIL WOMAN by MARTY ROBBINS, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU by DOLLY PARTON, and many others. The NASHVILLE EDITION won 14 SUPER PICKER AWARDS from the NARAS organization.
Cowboy Joe and The Babcocks
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Joe also wrote many songs including the classic, I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WATER, which was a NO. 1 hit by STONEWALL JACKSON. The song was also recorded by ELVIS PRESLEY, JOHNNY RIVERS, CHARLIE RICH, and many others. At last count the song had sold more than 4 million records.

In 1968 Cowboy Joe joined the HEE HAW nationally syndicated television show and was an original cast member for 25 years doing vocal backing with the NASHVILLE EDITION, singing the lead vocal with the award winning HEE HAW GOSPEL QUARTET, and also doing the lead vocals with the HEE HAW COWBOY QUARTET, a group created by Cowboy Joe as a salute to the cowboy heroes he listened to while growing up in the hills of Nebraska where he was born.

Joe also did a character part on the HEE HAW HONEYS television series with KATHIE LEE GIFFORD where he played the part of the SURVEY MAN.

But now back to THE BABCOCKS. Joe married a beautiful Nashville girl named Carol and as their five children grew up on their ranch south of Nashville, they, being a musical family started singing together. Lorrie, a stunning blonde, started singing with her dad on fair dates and church concerts when she was just fifteen, but it was when Carol added her mellow alto to the trio that they realized they had that magic blend often attained within a family group.
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